During my spare time I do a few voluntary activities. This is my blog to document my support for local and international people and animals who need the help of others. 

Animal Sanctuary 

I regularly visit two local animal sanctuaries, where I carry out voluntary healing for both the animals and staff, where needed.


Barby Keel in Bexhill looks after rescue animals including pigs, sheep, goats, horses, cats and dogs. It all started with Bary Keel's rescue dog and her love for animals has blossomed over the years into an amazing sanctuary. If you wish to visit or donate please see the link below:

Seven Acre Horse Sanctuary I aim to visit once a week, where I help out in the stables as well as with the animals. I have been performing healing and Reiki on the horses, whenever it feels right to do so. I have also supported fundraising activities to help the sanctuary, as they are applying to register as a Charity, so that they can receive more help for the animals. They help re-home horses every year and are always in need of more supporters, so if you have any interest in this, please contact me for more information or visit the link below:


I first visited Bosnia in 2016 in order to do some voluntary healing with the women in Srebrenica, who were still affected by their experiences in the war of 1995.

My Reiki Teacher and I raised money  through giving healing treatments in Holland in exchange for donations. This enabled us to travel to Bosnia in order to help these amazing women come back into their power.

Some of them were so impressed, they asked us to teach the Reiki 1.


When we went back in 2017, we set up an Air B'n'B account Mihada, one of the amazing ladies we had worked with. If you are keen to visit rural Bosnia, I highly recommend staying with Mihada or any of the other incredible women. 


Mihada bakes fantastic bread and grows all her own vegetables, If you like home made alchol, the local Raki will knock your socks off!.


Please see the link below if you are interested in visiting Bosnia:

Bosnia 2016

Mihada's Story

One of the women that we stayed with has endured a tough life, she is unemployable due to lack of education caused by the Bosnian War. She has lost all the men in her family, due to mass genocide and is now forced to live off the land. Mihada is an incredible woman and you can help support her by purchasing the beautiful hand crafted socks and other items which she makes. 

If you are interested in purchasing please contact Mihada via the email below:

Adult socks are €10 each - postage to the Uk is an additional €5.

Contact either Hazel or Mihada for prices on other items. Many thanks for your support, it makes a huge difference to their lives.  


07725 762108

Hastings, East Sussex

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