Equine reiki treatment

About Me

Healing animals and their human friends

My healing journey in 2012, when I received my first ever Reiki treatment, which totally changed my life. At the time, I was in a very dark place emotionally. I was blown away the next morning, because the darkness had disappeared and I felt illuminated with light. My whole outlook on life had changed!. Little did I know then, just how much that one treatment was going to change my life forever.


 Consequently, I studied to become a Reiki Master; Equine Reiki healer; intuitive healer; animal healer; energy - enhanced massage; reflexology and Thai foot massage. Over the years this has naturally led me to widen my practice into the realm of all kinds of animal healing, from smallest pets through to the largest horse. 


  I have been truly inspired by the vast number of empowering and uplifting experiences I have had since that transformational day in 2012.

I am deeply passionate about what I do. 

I always tailor any treatments to the specific needs of my clients. My practice is infused with intuitive healing designed to improve your well-being, both mentally and physically.


The bigger reward for me is being able to facilitate huge life changes for the people I work with. I find this both inspiring as well as being deeply honoured to make such a difference to peoples lives.


My moto in life is:- "Always go with what resonates in your soul!"