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Hazel is a Reiki Master and complementary therapist. She combines a range of therapies to suit the needs of both animals and people, where every treatment is tailored to your needs.

Hazel is a Complementary Therapist and Founder of Equine Enhanced Performance Therapy. She combines a range of therapies to suit the needs of both animals and people, where every treatment is tailored to your needs.  She is a qualified and accredited practitioner in the following areas


Hazel provides a complete treatment designed to enhance your body, mind and spirit. She is  also a spiritual health and wellness coach which may assist you further in your healing process.  Hazel's compassionate nature has resulted in her travelling to Bosnia, where she has conducted healing and teaching to many women there, who were affected by the war in 1995. Being an international healer, she has worked in both Holland as well as carrying out courses in the Scottish Highlands.    

Having realized over the years that she has a particular affinity with horses, Hazel has chosen to specialise more in the field of equine therapies in the animal healing side of her work. She not only brings confidence, compassion, and wisdom to her work with animals and their owners, but also is very down to earth and sensitive to different cultural beliefs and systems. This is leading her towards expanding both sides of  her practice to the wider world.  


Hazel is highly professional as well as deeply compassionate and intuitive. As you can see from the testimonial's below, this has led to many being profoundly affected and inspired by working with Hazel on a one to one or group basis. 



"I've seen Hazel at work with some of the most deeply traumatised horses and ponies imaginable. What Hazel does is nothing short of magic. Abused, traumatised animals were just transformed by her Reiki treatment in front of my eyes. If I hadn't seen it I would never have believed such profound change would be possible"

— Janey Goddard, 

President of the Complimentary Medical Association 

“Hazel has been treating my 10 rescue dogs and 2 cats for some months now.  It is remarkable how much they enjoy the sessions with her and the difference it has made to their well-being and how they interact with each other.  I also have healing from Hazel which I feel benefits the bond between myself and my animals and gives me a greater understanding of their needs. I would wholeheartedly recommend Hazel to anyone considering Reiki treatment for their animals.  She has a great empathy with those she cares for and that is a very special gift.   ”

— Eleanor Maybury


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Hastings, East Sussex

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